Family Name: Stasny
Given Name: Horst
DOB and City: 5.10.1941 in Salzburg
Grown up in: Bruck a.d. Grossglocknerstrasse
Domicile & Country: Thalheim bei Wels, Austria
Family: married with Susanne, daughter Martina, son Axel
Driver's License: A, B
Pilot's License: PPL
Size: 5'10" (former 5'11")
Weight: 178 lbs
Eyes: green/brown
Blood Pressure: 110/70
Pulse Rate: 72
Blood Group: A neg.
Dress Size (europ.): 52
Size of Shoe: 10 1/2
Collar Size: 15 1/2
Size of Hat: 22 4/5
Misc. Characteristics: sparse hair


Stages of Profession: Photographer in 3rd generation, represented in Zurich and Los Angeles, Visiting professor at the Brooks Institute in Sa. Barbara and at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena Exhibitions and Participations since 1968: Salzburg, Linz, Vienna, Munich, Hamburg, NY, Los Angeles, Moscow, Beijing, et al.

My Philosophy:

Life never stops. Each day shows new challenges, new angles of view, new interests and understanding. Simply life. To see and to learn is your personal and individual experience. To preserve that is the assignment and the sense of photography.


Künstlerhaus Wien
Österr. Photographische Gesellschaft Wien
Freunde der Fotografie und ihrer Geschichte
Creativ Club Austria
D&AD London